Rise Up Postpartum started as a result of my own postpartum experiences, and these continue to drive me forward in everything that I do. Pregnancy, birth and postpartum experiences never really leave us, and neither should they, but I want to empower others to have positive experiences to look back on. The name ‘Rise Up Postpartum’ came to me early in my postpartum doula training. I read a passage in the book ‘Why Postpartum Recovery Matters’ by Sophie Messager. She likened a new mother to a phoenix rising; while they may look the same to the outside world, monumental changes have taken place and they need nurturing as they grow into the being they are meant to be. And that is where I come in! I am ready to support and nurture you as you adapt to your new role.

Rise Up Postpartum 

rise up postpartum

Compassionate postpartum care by a doula is not a luxury...

Doulas, in one form or another, have existed throughout history and around the globe. The traditions of parents being supported throughout pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum continue today in many cultures around the world.

A postpartum doula provides support to parents of a newborn, especially to the birthing parent, during their early weeks together. This is typically during the ‘fourth trimester’ or the ‘first forty days’, but can be for as long or short as the family needs. A postpartum doula walks with you as you make choices that benefit your family. They aim to help ease the transition into parenthood, promote bonding between parents and baby, and provide resources and encouragement for the family's well-being during this crucial time.

The type of support provided can vary between doulas, and also from family to family, depending on their needs. However support generally falls into 3 categories: practical, emotional and informational. This can include, but is not limited to, guidance on newborn care, feeding support, light housework, meal preparation, and guidance on recovery and self-care.

it`s a necessity.

My teaching career brought me to Austria, and love kept me here. My Austrian-British family includes me, my husband, and our two wonderful children. While this is a beautiful part of the world to raise children, creating a home and growing a family away from your home country definitely has its challenges. One of those challenges can be finding support in tough times, and in everyday life in general.  

When my eldest child was born, our birth experience was far from perfect, and this was also the case for my postpartum. In hindsight, I was extremely unprepared for the important parts of postpartum. Although to the outside world I probably looked like I had it all together, inside I was struggling. I knew that I didn’t want to feel that way again, and I approached the arrival of my second child with a different outlook, resulting in a much more positive experience. I had confidence in myself, and trusted my instincts. And while there were still challenges, I look back on this period of time with fond memories.

I came across the term 'doula' unexpectedly, and the more I delved into it, the more a fire grew inside me. My goal is to help new parents become knowledgeable and empowered to have the postpartum experience they deserve, feeling supported as they handle the changes, challenges, and triumphs of parenthood.

And so after nearly 20 years in teaching, I decided to go for something new!

Although doulas are not medically trained, there is training available. My training includes:

● The Birth Bliss Academy Aspiring Doula Training Course
● The Postnatal Doula Academy Training Programme
● Breastfeeding and Lactation: The Fundamentals Course (Katie James IBCLC)
● Daisy Family First Aid Training
● Ongoing professional development (courses and masterclasses)

Hi, I´m Lauren!

About me

Remember that a gentle, supported postpartum period is your birthright. -Heng Ou

How I Can Support You

services overview

I offer a range of postpartum recovery services and would be delighted to work with you. Feel free to browse my offers, send me a message or book a call to discuss how I can customise my services to meet your individual needs. 

This will look different for everyone, and will be tailored to your family’s individual needs.
Support I offer can include, but is not limited to:

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In-home Doula Support

Being an open, non-judgemental ear for you to share your experiences, wonderings, worries and personal victories.

Provide a calm, confident presence as you navigate your new role.

Provide information on postpartum recovery, feeding and general newborn care so you can make informed decisions.

Practical support has a huge scope; examples include light housework, caring for your baby while you shower, nap or spend time with older siblings and joining you on your first trips out with your baby.

Providing signposting information to other professionals when needed.

Each in-home visit is a minimum of 2 hours to ensure that quality support can be provided. 

Book a free call to see if we are the right fit!
Cost: €30/hour for ad hoc support.
When a personalised package of multiple hours is booked, the hourly rate is reduced, depending on how many hours you choose. Once you decide how many hours of support you would like, we can work together to arrange how best to spread those hours, based on the support you would like.
Vienna, Austria, and surrounding areas

Access support wherever you are! Virtual support allows you to access emotional support, answers to feeding and newborn care questions and signposting for sources of information to your parenting questions.

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Virtual Doula Support

2 x 1 hour Zoom sessions

Unlimited WhatsApp messages

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Cost: €120 per week (Monday-Friday)

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Is your head swirling with doubts and questions? You do not need to face your challenges alone! Make yourself a drink, get comfortable and ‘take a breather’ with me!
During a 1 hour Zoom session, I will be there to listen, and more importantly, really, really hear you. During this time we can talk about what you need to, at your pace, and I will listen, support and signpost.

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‘Take a Breather’ Session

Please email me and I will send you a selection of available times.
Cost: €28

Postpartum Preparation Workshops

So much focus can surround pregnancy and birth, and making sure everything is ready for the baby when they arrive, that postpartum is often overlooked. Many parents feel unprepared for the transition into parenthood, and wish they had given themselves more time to recover and adjust. Postpartum planning is essential to ensure you are informed and prepared for the best start with your little one.
A Postpartum Preparation Workshop allows you to familiarise yourself with the different aspects of postpartum, make decisions about how you will approach them and make practical and emotional preparations. 
Group and private workshops available, in-person and virtual.


group workshop dates

It takes a whole village to raise a child, but we need to remember that it was the mother who had the baby, and she needs our help, too. - Jane Honikman

First Consultation

Curious about how I can support you and your family? Deciding if hiring a doula is right for you?
Making the decision to invest in your recovery is a big step; book a no-obligation exploratory call to find out more.
20 minutes Zoom Call - free

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I can not wait to hear from you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I support all kinds of families. Everyone deserves a positive postpartum regardless of gender, marital status, sexual orientation, race or religion. Whether you are birth or adoptive parents, you will need time to bond with your baby. If you are having multiples or already have children, I can support you.

This depends entirely on what suits you and your family best. The early weeks are usually when most support is needed and generally support gradually decreases after this time. Some families will hire me for a few weeks, others for a few months. A minimum amount of time per in-home visit is 2 hours; anything less doesn’t allow for much to get done. 

Absolutely. While you may have lots of experience with newborn care, you will still need time to rest and recover. I can also help out with older children, preparing a snack or playing a game, or I can care for your baby while you spend some quality time with their sibling(s).

Absolutely not! While the birth parent is the focus of my care, I aim to support the whole family so there is a smooth transition to life with a newborn. I can also provide information to partners and family members, if they wish, during my time with you.

While I am happy to hang laundry, empty the dishwasher or run the vacuum round, heavy housework is outside of my services. I have training as a doula, however I am not medically trained. If you need support outside of my scope of training, I can support you by signposting to relevant trained professionals. 

I can offer general breastfeeding support. However, some issues may require more specialised help from a lactation consultant. 

Yours! My role is to help you make informed decisions. If you would like to know more about a certain topic I can help you gather information about it or share my knowledge and experiences with you, so that you can then decide what is best for your family. There is no ‘one-size fits all’ model of parenting, and the best philosophy is the one that works for you and makes you happy.

The role of a nanny/baby nurse is to care for the baby. While I offer information and tips about newborn care, I will not take over the care of your baby, but I will support you so that you grow in confidence. My main role is to nurture you as the birthing parent, so that you are able to rest and recover, and to support new family bonding. 

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